remember that i love you

juno is the film i have been without. ellen page and michel cera are incredible. 
buy the soundtrack as well, it is as much a part of the film as the characters, really really good folky melodic stuff; moldy peaches, belle and sebastian, sonic youth.

this is great

kimya dawson - loose lips


missoni autumn-winter 08/09 collection. super

an ant in a coat

bonbon kakku lets you submit a fabric design- if they like it they make it and you get 5 metres free. yeah and you can just buy cool sections of design as an alternative to a poster or whatevaa.

have not been on for ages with mock a-levels going too busy but weather makes me want music more. and more. and more. disco only.

and church bells-they are mixing well with leroy.

clear sky pink dusk sweet air is great, and i can still smell cut grass. great silhouettes.


so this ainta disco but its good sun sound


vampire weekend - oxford comma

modeselektor - godspeed

the beatniks - une femme n'est pas un homme (aphex twin mix)

ellen allien and apparat - way out


really not one to miss this. allien and apparat are unbelievable


ba dee da ba ba z ye ee

restlessness (scabadoo de bop sh wop)

so i figure, fix jazzy onslaught with drums. oooooogh

gonzales - working together (boys noize dub)

utah saints - something good (high contrast remix)

justice - phantom II (boys noize turbine mix)

oi mate

got my colour roll of barcelona back, corkkkers.
this new website data transmission (bad), promoting itself as THE electronic music service, offers free song to those who join so, as my 2 fingers up to the system (i'm a bad ass), i got them and quit. bam. yeah but i got some new rework (they are too cool) tracks and here one is, get you going. a goldfrapp soft metronomy/teenagers remix which is great. and a sweet old acid house song which came on as i was writing this and i cannot now get it out of my head. love

rework - jogging beat
goldfrapp - happiness (metronomy remix ft. the teenagers)
rhythim is rhythim - nude photo

i just built a snow man

mgmt are unbelievably cool.
the brooklyn kids' debut album oracular spectacular, described by rolling stone as 'psychadelic synth-pop', is soooooo good times (tinnys tinnys woop). and if you click on their name (pronounced [management] by the way) you can play flashing dancefloor with your mouse and all the websites squares turn MULTTII colour! wow that makes me happy.
sooo...the album is incredible-and with 11 super songs you should definitely start preparing for summer (eeeven though its snowing)- NOOOW
so buy it yeah?

time to pretend
electric feel


the animal collective are a forward thinking bunch. of grapes they use more varied techniques and more eccentric rhythms than any band i have heard and their new e.p [water curses] is no different. the realm into which strawberry jam delved has been explored even further and brought a.c onto a level unparred by any of your talented indie bands. well done them


the photograph is a secret about a secret.

/diane arbus

a selection of hedi slimane's photography

crisp pictures

north london photographer harry mitchell is very good, think lastnightsparty 35mm drive by but thicker, with different variation and technique. serious light and shadow -

look flickr.

or his blog.


i got the new benga album yesterday-it is verry good, dubby goo
laura marling reminds me of the highwayman
bat for lashes - breathy harpsichord
sway's african mixtape just came out and black star is prime
and then there is hercules and love affair- disco today - more more mmmore (featured in dazed last month)

benga - 26 basslines
laura marling - my manic and i
bat for lashes - horse and i
sway - black star
hercules and love affair - hercules theme


i hate being ill, but lying in bed listening to the radio and this came on and it cheered me up. nice and breezy and happy. and i encourage international relationships- serious dedication.
estelle feat. kanye west - american boy